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Itís a panel of painting by numbers , I like to get my hands dirty , nothing uncommon of me trying something different if itís of interest to me . So , rattle can spray painted my car , itís tricky but doable , you start at the top , then work your way down , a panel at a time . Traditional methods are have a big spray booth , thousands of dollars of equipment and more into experience of mixing and spray techniques . This method is $50 in paint $ 150 in good quality spray can clear and patients .All in with taping off material and odds and ends another $60 added .Idea came from YouTube , paint society , if you care to explore . Results on side panels , like fenders , doors were perfect , itís hoods and flats that require paint pressure that a can canít provide , so itís working in quadrants and watching your wet line , just keeping it fun and interesting and not getting made is things donít go perfect , just let cure and lightly sand and work the surface . It takes weeks for this to take shape but it can be done anywhere , as long as you can shut a door and let it dry in place . I use a storage facility , and keep it low key , work at it for 2 hours and the earlier the better , reasoning behind this is the temperature , you can spray at 75 to 85 , but much over that it becomes a curing issue , can paint likes to take its time , the clear is a different issue , hardens in 4 hours , itís professional paint and has changed the game when it comes to painting this way .
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