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Hi Mithra, I'm glad you found it! I'll double check the harness p/n tonight and let you know. I don't thing it is a good idea to splice the harness in the cable tray. You still have the remaining wires with defective insulation. It was not bad doing it all the way to the bottom of the box. If I had it done, sure dealer tech would be able to do it just fine. I would insist on the full harness replacement.
Regards, Mike

I ordered mine from the PartsShop here. This is a part number:
140 440 76 37
Copy/paste it to the PartsShop search field and the wire harness comes up $99. This is a harness with two connectors for MAS on one end and 10 crimped pins for the ECU box end. It comes with the instruction and special pin extractor tool.

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