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Hi all!

Hmmm, strange, but it has happened about 2-3 times on the same hill. The first time it happened, I immediately looked at the oil pressure guage--it's 3, good. I quickly took the next exit to check my oil level. Strange how the oil light went out when I was looking for a suitable place to park. Anyhow, the oil level was not low, but wasn't topped off either. I added some oil just to be on the safe side.

This evening, the light came on, and based on experiences, I just continued driving home. The pressure was 3 and the light stayed on for less than a minute. And it happened on the same hill.

Ok, my question is, has anyone experienced something similar when going up hills? I don't think my oil level was low in any of the situations, as it has happened 2-3 times and my oil level was up to par when I checked it immediately after I noticed the light on. One thing I should point out is that the oil light is brief, but it doesn't blink. I guess it goes away after I proceed downhill or on level surfaces.

Anyhow, any insight will be appreciated. By the way, is there a possibility that I may need a new oil sensor? Thanks!
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