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New paint for an old beauty

Originally Posted by Matt at Pelican Parts View Post
The upkeep and maintenance on these quirky old Mercedes is a constant battle. Often fine-tuning the fuel system or maybe fighting parasitic rust. Either way you still can't help but love these cars!

We'd love to see and hear about your projects! Post below what you've done recently to your W123 or other diesel Mercedes that you're working on!

I have 4 of these German frauleins and the mechanical fixes are for the moment done after many many years and they all start and run perfectly. The paint is 35-40 years old and my 85 300D was the worst. I fixed the rusted sections with miracle paint and epoxy fiberglass. fortunately subframe and rockers were Ok but doors and fenders had holes. 2 weeks on that she was ready for prep and paint. Clear coat gone in most areas, flaking off in the rest. Huge job to sand the CC off frequently into the ultramarine blue base coat and primer. LF fender just too rusty to fix so junkyard replacement I had on hand got painted. Lots of sanding and then my very first BC /Clear coat paint job. My last paint job besides tractors and farm equipment was my old Cummins pickup which I did in urethane single stage and it was a marginal result, lousy actually. I put a lot more effort into the 85 and it turned out shockingly good without even any buffing yet which I also have never done. Almost no orange peeling and I don't know why. Lots of taping and and abundance of trim and insignia to remove which destroyed all the plastic clips of course. It took about 10 days to sand, prep and paint. MY oh my she is a pretty girl now. I got 2 just paint estimates(no body work!) for $3500 and $4000 which seemed exorbitant especially since the paint and Clear came to less than $250, OK a bit over $300 with sand paper and chemicals. Now I know why $4000 was not exorbitant. An amazing amount of labor but now well worth the effort. I have one bit of advice, watch Brian on Paint Society on youtube and buy a good gun. I threw away a cheap $35 gun and spent $160 and it was Mercedes quality and not made in China and it laid the paint down evenly. It really excelled with clear coat. I am a good diesel mechanic but a lousy painter no more.
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