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Arrow C280 starting hesitation problem....

Hey guys,

Finally have the car completely refurbished, inside and out and the thing are brand new. I am so excited. Head gasket was replaced, a new water pump was installed, on top of the fresh MB wood, leather, upgraded gear stick, rims, tires, new Mercedes-Benz radio system and everything else I had done to it.

Now we have one more problem. I drive the car b/c it's ready now; in great shape. The gawkers are out in full force as this beauty w/ M3-like tires glides across the highways and biways of North Carolina.

The car rides wonderfully. HOWEVER, when I start each (after each time it has been cut off), I have to pump the gas pedal in order to get it cranked.

-Rides wonderfully/smoothly w/ no hesitation whatsoever.

However, each time I put the key in the ignition, in order to get the car going I must push the pedal and give it gas. Of course, I want to be like everyone else and simply turn my key and let it start on its own, ya know? But I must give it gas. It will occassionally start on its own every now and then, but more times than not, I must 'give her a little gas' to get it cranked.

I'm at peace b/c all of the major work is done, I'm cool! But I do want this last, iddie-bitty thing to be healed too so that I can undergo the complete Mercedes experience.

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