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bypass fuel pump relay

See if you can bypass the fuel pump relay with a paper clip, then try to start the car.

As soon as you do this the pump should start working and will continue at all times until you disconnect it, but it will rule out the fuel pump relay for sure.

I forget what pins you have to jump, but I will try to draw a diagram for you, if memory serves, this is what the port for the fuel pump relay looks like


Not all pins are connected, I'll use X to show these


if the numbering goes like this

1234567 - top
1234567 - bottom

you will be jumping pin 4 from the top to pin 4 on the bottom.
The moment you do this the pump should go on, ignition won't count here. Start the car and see if it runs. If it does, then you just found your problem, if not, you still did

Please correct me if I'm worng. This procedure is listed in the service manual but I don't have it on me at the moment.

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