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1985 300TD daily driver $2000?

I have no idea if this is worth anything to anyone, but I will put it out there.
This is my wife's diesel wagon. It has 479,000 miles on it. It has been her daily driver for the past 16 years. In that time we have put about 200,000 miles on it.

It is very rusty and was hit from the side on a cross country trip at around 400,000 miles. That is why the front clip doesn't match. The body is shot, but it starts, runs, and drives true down the road.
The front end is tight, the SLS works but has a slow leak, ac works, power locks and windows work, tires are about 2 years old. It has gotten all the maintenance over the years including the high mileage stuff. Timing chain stretch was corrected and timing was set at around 325k, transmission has been serviced several times, but most recently about 40K ago, it has a new radiator, oil cooler lines, rear subframe mounts. I have a whole book of the maintenance that goes back more than a decade.

It has a hitch and has been used to tow a lot. It has drug our pop up all over the country, but locally has hauled small tractors, hay balers, and seeders. I was bringing a seeder back from GA about 25K miles ago and it overheated coming over monteagle mountain. I am pretty sure that blew the head gasket, but I put a can of head gasket sealer in the radiator and it kept on running.

She still drives it every day, but I put together an 84 wagon for her a couple of years ago to replace it and we think its about time to retire this one. It could go on blocks for parts, but I already have another parts wagon and a sedan.
I would say someone could fly in and drive it home, but the body is too bad for a restoration. I would think it would be best for someone doing a restoration that needs a decent blue interior and a lot of parts.

If there is no interest, it will probably move to parts car status soon.
I have created a photo album that can be viewed at:
It has some photos taken today as well as several old ones including the frame repair and photos of the wreck and even a couple from a decade ago when it wasn't so hard to look at. It also has a few shots of prior body repairs. The passenger seat just fell through the floorboard for the 3rd time so don't think this has had no body work. Any repairs would be repairing repaired repairs.
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