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I was at the tire shop today, and they had my car a 92 300Ce up on the rack next to a brand spankin new clk 320 on the rack.

I was looking at the rear suspension, and what I notice seemed interesting.

From my overall glance at the CLK Rear Suspension and the 300CE Rear Suspension, they look almost identical.

The rods, busings, arms, stabilizer, spring/shock configuration all appeared to me to be Identical.

Am I just seeing things, or did mercedes not have to change the suspension on the clk from what it was on the 300CE?

I'm sure I am wrong here, but the suspension appeared to me to be identical. The only real difference I noticed was the calipers seemed a little different in shape. Everything else appeared to look identical to me.

What do you all think?

Benzmac, does this seem like I am way wrong here, or is what I saw correct?

Just want to know, seems strange that the suspension would be the same design and possibly parts would be the same on a newer designed car? I woulda though there would be some major refinements in the suspension technology mercedes has develpoed between various models and years...

But I am thinking that you could use a clk suspension on a 300Ce, they looked identical to me. or possibly, if they are the same, would that mean you could do the Sportline suspension upgrade to a clk?

Ohh there was a bad ass clk 430 there too, fully decked out, lowered on 18's, and the rear badge was custom. Instead of CLK 430 it said 2K 430...

In anycase, let me know your thoughts on this. I was thinking it seemed strange.

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