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With all due respect...

MB's made after the W126 are all crap! I was heart broken to find out the next generation flagship, which I call "the slab job" because it is so damn ugly(almost as ugly as the BMW745i) was so expensive to maintain and so unreliable. My next car is going to be a 2000 750iL. At least if I have to fix it, I will have the pleasure of driving one of the best V12 cars out there. I met a guy recently in a gas station with a V12 600SEL who said he spent $17K in ONE year on the motor. Have you seen the interior of those 750 iL cars? They go like hell and corner like they are on rails. BTW, those little puddle jumpers might be "called MB" but, as Enzo Ferrari remarked when asked about the Ferrari Dino- " a Ferrari is a 12 cylinder car" and those puddle jumpers are NOT MB's. Sorry.
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