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The BMW has nearly 50/50 weight distribution(50.1front/49.9 rear). Anyone who has driven a 50/50 car knows what that means on a twisting road. Secondly, the BMW stops 15 feet shorter from 60 to zero. In a panic stop 15 feet represents the difference between disaster and safety. I thought Mercedes was into safety. Guess I was wrong! And by the way what makes it worse, is that the BMW weighs 460 lbs. MORE than the Mercedes and STILL stops 15 feet shorter. What kind of engineeering is this? Maybe that accounts for the slightly faster zero to sixty times? Paring 460 lbs. should make it no contest. This SAFE (4597 lbs. car) still goes zero to sixty in roughly 6.7 seconds. When I was a kid, that was fast for a hot Corvette with 327 "fuelie" engine with stiff 4.11 gears. Hardly any muscle car could top this acceleration back then. So in conclusion, what kind of engineering is it that can't get the edge with nearly 500 lbs. less weight? That's why I am choosing the BMW. I have no choice, I want the BEST looking car with the best interior that is safe, fast, has fabulous brakes, a sexy V12 and doesn't look like a stodgy old man's car even though I am 60 because I feel like 45
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