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190 E - Where is OVP located?

Bought a new OVP from Bekkers since that might help with the hard start and lumpy idle. Where is the OVP located? I have a 1988 190 E 2.6L with 5-Speed. I thought it was behind the battery. By the battery, back behind the black plastic shield/panel, I found a relay with a clear plastic top and unerneath the top were two 10 amp fuses. When I pulled it out, there were nine pins - my new OVP has only six. Was that the OVP that I pulled out and the new one just has to be put into the correct pin/pattern? In other words, the nine pin relay just had some extra dummy pins. Or is the OVP located elsewhere? Checking the Service Manual CD, it sees as if the OVP might be located under the fuse panel on the drivers side, under the hood, back by the firewall - the one with the clear plastic cover with two snaps. That is to say, the OVP might be located on a second layer underneath the main fuses and that top fuse panel has to be removed to get to the secondary panel of relays. Any help is appreciated. Gee, I love these Fourth of July chores. So easy to do. Shouldn't take more than ten minutes, right?
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