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After writing the following I realized that I don't remember for sure that we are talking about a KE car. In proof reading the question came up due to the phrase: "replaced my air mas flow" THe KE does not have a air mass flow meter but I assumed we were talking about a air flow meter which would have as part of it the air flow potentiometer which affects idle control. I hate to erase it so I'll leave it in case I'm right. ignore it otherwise.

You need to establish the base setting of the fuel distributor.

The fastest way is to use your finger on the air flap to add fuel (this only works if you are lean of course so if it doesn't work you will have to back off the mixture till it does). By-pass your fuel pump, as you stated, and get someone to crank the engine. With one hand gradually press the plate down untill it starts (remember if this doesn't work then you are already TOO rich), with the other hand turn the adjusting screw clockwise while releasing a little from your other hand, maintaining the best running condition with the finger on the plate.

Keep adding fuel till you have totally removed your finger. Takes about ten seconds if you aren't starting rich.

The other method which takes longer but is more matter of fact is to remove one or more lines from the top of the fuel dist. Bypass fuel pump relay and adjust the mixture screw clockwise till fuel just stops flowing from the port. One will have to add and subtract fuel (mixture screw) and dab up some from the port over and over to be sure the exact point of shut-off is achives as one should note that no fuel should flow with zero airflow. A little airflow and fuel should flow.

This last method may be more matter of fact but still may need some of the first technique if you aren't an accurate judge of fuel flow shut-off.
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