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Richard Ney
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Can I ask for print outs on my diagnosis report?, This is referring my car dealer results. "Can those machines do that?" How can I found out if the readings are totaly legit? I dont think that the report on the bill could actually be the authentic proff of evidence/ "X" person can write anything there and handle to me at the end with my amount to be pay in full/ Should the dealer get offended or the mecanichs tecnithians etc. will be considered to be put it on the spot as being potentialy accesorys of acusations if the diagnosis seems no to be correct?
The reason for this questions, have to do with the amount of years that with out questions, I keep paying all those dollars all ways thinking that if we paying for a super motor cars of the German land, why can we be denied of have a honest documentation.
Usually when we buy a house, we get everything there, clear, on paper and signed./
When you go to do repair on a dealer you are the one who signs first, to allow them to tell you what they want, if they like so /

My enfasis is simple on the beginning of the question/ How can they prove me on the spot
that what they say is not wrong?/ I work in shops years ago in my early years but at that time computers where on NASA/ Today they are located on cars everywhere./ Not to offend anyone please.

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