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Angry w126 sedan door = kaput

I came back from my trip to Myrtle Beach and found that my back left door is locked and will not open. The locking knob just falls right down on it own and trying to open the door from the inside or outside doesn't do a da*n thing! I figured its something to do with the locking mech. where the door closes to the body frame. I thought at first it could have been the door lock knob... but now I don't think so. I am trying to remove the door panel and I am stumped. I removed door panels before, but that with the doors open. I unscrewd the doorarm pull, the power window switch and black metal fram insert for the chrome door opener. But from this point on I am stuck. Please if anyone can help, I would very much appreciate it. I need this door unlocked AS SOONS AS I CAN.
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