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Question a/c compressor out - please help with codes / relays

1997 E300D

My a/c was working great one day. No signs of trouble. The next day the compressor would not come on.

I have the following "fault" codes:

Eb1 419
Eb1 (picture of a fan here) 232
Eb1 (picture of a fan here) 419

Also, I have the following "actual" codes. NOTE: The codes are the same with engine on or off unless stated otherwise.

1 31
2 29
3 33
4 34
5 33
6 68
7 07
8 34
9 -02
10 4.0 (varies 0 to ~7 depending on blower speed)
11 1.9
12 4.3
20 0.0
21 07
22 00
23 00
24 13.0
40 71
41 34
42 08
43 136

With the above info. in mind, I have a few questions (just answer what you have time for - sorry):

1) Do the above "actual" codes indicate a problem to you? (I see that the codes confirm the obvious temperatures in degC and the compressor is not turning)

2) Where are the relays and fuses for the compressor? I checked the three locations and saw nothing for compressor (fuses under rear seat, fuse box under hood, and fuses to the right of the instrument cluster)

3) What do the relays look like?

4) Can I jumper the pressure sensor near the dryer to learn anything? Will this screw-up anything?

5) There are two sensors near the top of the dryer/receiver. One has three wires, the other sensor has two wires. Which is the pressure sensor and which wires to jumper.

NOTE: I replaced the blower regulator a week and a half ago with a used one because the blower did not work at high speed. An exact replacement part. The a/c compressor and blower has been working great until the compressor just stopped coming on. But the blower is still working great. Maybe you needed to know this history, but it seems unrelated to me.

Thanks for you time.
1997 E300D - naturally aspirated
280,000 miles (as of November 2015)
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