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Question on engine volume (new to forum)

Hello, I have been reading this forum for a month or so and have enjoyed much of the tech conversation. I am a long time Porsche owner and a couple month ago I decided to sell my Porsche and purchased a 1999 Mercedes CLK 320 with 35k on it (car is just out of warranty). The car runs well, but I have a couple questions and an editorial.

The first is why are the engines so noisy? In the car you canít hear it, but outside even the gas engines sound like diesels. Very loud valve trains, clicking injectors, and an overall un-insulated sound. My 2001 325 is far more quiet that the Mercedes. At first I thought is was just my car but it seems other 320ís are equally loud.

My second question is I have already replaced the tie rod assembly it was very worn on the angled link on the left side, I had at least 8mm play in the left wheel. The ball joints were tight, but I still am getting a lose feeling in the steering wheel, any ideas?

Now for the editorialÖ.I have to agree with some people here that the Mercedes Benz of today is not the same as in the past. I have owned both new and used BMWís and Porsches and Mercedes (at least this one) is not in the same class as BMW and Porsche. Even the fit and finish on the Mercedes is second to at E46 BMW 325i. I did not notice all the cheap parts at first, but after working on the car it sure is not as impressive as I was hoping. Nevertheless, I like the car and think the design is beautiful, I hope my luck with repairs is better than some of what I read here, even thought I do my own work, I usually donít have to get greasy till 70-100k miles.

Help on that sloppy steering would be appreciated.
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