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Thumbs down Engine Wiring Harness

Current owner of 95 E320 wagon with 90,000 miles. The engine light just came on and I have just learned of the issue with the inuslation rotting/wiring issues. Have done research on this and other sites.

My question is how have other people handled this? Do you pay the repair or fight with the dealer/MB USA or the area rep? I am in the ATL Ga area any ideas on the best dealer or shop to work withor the proper people to call or write for some regular mechanic will not touch this with a 10" pole.

I have owned a few MB's as well as many other high and low end cars and have never run into an issue so cleary tied to defective design.

Information, ideas, asistance

is greatly appreciated.



Funny thing is I just attended this high dollar new car roll out by Mercedes (which cost some big bucks to put on) and was feeling good about getting another MB and then this. I would suggest MB take some $$$ and fix this issue instead of spending it on promo. If you screw your current owners it is very hard to overcome with flashy adds and flashy roll outs.
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