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M.B. Doc,

Wow, only 16 NM? This sounds awfully loose. I guess when I tighten it up, it will probably feel tighter than it sounds. That's only about 12 foot/lbs. But I'm sure you're right.



I have eyeballed everything, and I don't think there is any lower end problem except the rust. It turned out that the problem was not warpage or a blown head gasket. The problem was corrosion between water passage in head and combustion chamber. I've only had this car less than three years, I suppose the previous owner did not care for the cooling system.

I plan on using a straightedge and feeler guages above each piston to ensure that there is not a bent rod before I put on the head. I don't have a depth mic. I really don't expect to find a problem with this, but I would rather find it now than to take that long walk back up the road to pick up the pieces off the highway.

Unless I run into something else, I hope to have it running again this weekend. In spite of the fact that I'm enjoying driving my new Six Speed C Class, I miss driving the manual transmission 124 car.

Thanks everyone and have a great day,

Larry Bible
'01 C Class, Six Speed
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