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To all who have installed the eurolights on w126's. I have been at this for atleast two months off and on trying to install the euros on my 420 SEL, first the beam pattern on drivers side was too high and the passenger side was to low (even after adjusting the drivers side light to its minimum height and the passanger side to its maximum height). Then I elongated the hole in the wiper assembly of the drivers side so I could make it lower which worked out fine. However, the passanger side I can't seem to make it go any higher than it is (I have fabricated something to go with the wiper assembly to align the holes of the headlamps with the wiper). If I attempt to make the passenger side light higher, the after closing the hood it goes back to its low position (although the beam adjustment is set to its highest). I am begining to believe that there is something wrong with the passenger side headlamp (its a TYC). Even if I don't attach the passenger side headlamp to the wiper assembly it is still really really low. Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Or am I the only one? Please help, this is getting very frustrating. From what I understand if I don't attach either of the headlamps to the wiper assembly the beam height should still be atleast the same? Is this true or am I way off.
The car is an 89 420 SEL

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