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I'm glad that people don't get offended easily here on the shop forum. I have had a bad experience on another forum where I stated that I was extremely satisfied with my MB and it became a real ugly ordeal. I have actually been reading posts for a few months now and I really like the fact everyone is helpful. It honestly feels like a real car club in a way. I am a member of a benz club, and honestly I have gone to one function in the last year and a half. The reason being the overall feel wasn't that of a club, it felt more like an excuse for a bunch of uptight people to get together, very little talk regarding the cars at all. Also it looks as though I am one of the youngest members in that organization in this chapter. On top of all that I was trying to be polite and introduce myself and my wife and people were not to friendly. So thank you to everyone on the shop.

I kinda think that the overall build quality of all manufacturers has suffered. I had a new Jeep grand Cherokee loved it until it when into service within the first few weeks, and it seemed many times it was something really stupid that went wrong. Anyway got to go baby is crying, and gotta take out the trash and go to the drug store
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