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<<The bar between the 80 and the 120, and I don't know if I agree with you that what you see in the pix is only ~ 105C. I have other friends cars that are the same as mine (one is a '95 E420), and even under the hottest days in traffic with the A/C on, they never get to where mine shows on a 60F outside temp in regular driving.

Well, that TICK is 100c and the increments are 20C, so I read it as lower than 110, for sure ..
But . I agree that your temps are out of wack and , as I stated long ago , I don't think you have a fan problem,,, I think you have a slow/late opening thermostat
And , By my experiance , I'll bet it is a Whaler instead of a Behr..
Seen it many times on this model.
Change to a BEHR before you do anything is what I would have
done...along with burping the system to make sure they did not get an air pocket when doing the new thermo/coolant service...
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