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You're the most articulate and intelligent person I have read in last year

Leave it to someone who has only been in this country a relatively short time to make the critical and pertinent points. I congratulate and admire your understanding of the way things are. It is a moral disgrace that the once great auto companies like GM and Chrysler- Ford always sucked just like now- have taken a back seat to anyone-especially the Germans or Japanese in anything automotive. That's the real shame of it all! Today they launch the latest and best aircraft carrier-The Ronald Reagan, which I heard on the news if stood on end would be almost as tall as the Empire State Bldg(1100 ft.). We can build the fabulous stealth fighters and bombers but the Germans can run circles around us with their cars. Give me a break!! Who has sold out to whom for this to occur? I applaud you young man- you are wise beyond your years. Very refreshing on this forum.
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