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Unhappy a/c compressor replacement

Hi everyone! Hoping to get some quick help (sorry for the short notice!) on a compressor replacement on a 1988 300E w/76,000 miles.

My friend and I are going to tackle this project tomorrow afternoon and I'd like to know of anything that I can do as a relatively non-mechanical person prior to digging into it.

Here is the background: driving down highway at 55mph, let off gas to stop at stoplight, a/c starts blowing hot air (conveniently on the hottest day of the year so far!). Take it to shop, they state that hoses are leaking around manifold. I want second opinion and friend puts gauges on and shows a full charge. Try to jump compressor pressure switch and no compressor movement, hence diagnosis of failed compressor (don't know if it's black death or not).

Have system evacuated and locate a/c shop to rebuild compressor for $250 vs. buying replacement rebuild for $500. Will replace rcvr/drier, expansion valve and have hoses rebuilt (if needed) while doing this project. This is an R-12 and intend to stay with this as we can buy at local auto shop for $22.99/can.

I've done the searches on this forum and found the info about flushing, flushing, flushing and found another about getting the serpentine belt loose to remove compressor but seems like my uncle had pointed out a "tensioner" that could be loosened to remove compressor without removing fan shroud, etc.--true or not.

Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me in this project...I'm anxious to complete it as it is today a pleasant 113 degrees!!

Thanks! Mike
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