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All you got was a phone diagnosis. You gave them the Codes and they told you what the Codes meant. The Codes mean something is wrong with that subsystem of your vehicle. It may be the actual sensor, the wiring, or something else that can affect that subsystem. There still is a very good chance the wiring may be at fault.

When you take your car to a dealer one of two things may happen. The mechanic may keep substituting parts until he finds the offending part, since he has the luxury of restocking the parts, then charge you only for the bad part. Or, he may keep substituting parts until the problem goes away, then charge you for all the parts related to the problem. He may charge you for the two parts PLUS the wiring harness.

Since the wiring harness is a very likely problem for your car, I would be inclined to replace the wiring harness first. There's no guarantee it'll fix your present problem, but it just may. Even if it doesn't fix your problem, replacement will likely prevent future problems, so the money wouldn't be wasted.

Insist on having the original engine wiring replaced.

I cringe at the thought of how the new models will hold up with time. Did they give the marketing aim for the new product roll out?... such as how long they expect the owners to keep their new cars?

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