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Unhappy Job all done but...


After endless hours. For ta first time DIYer like me on a 16v. She is back together in one piece, runs, and best of all no leaks!

I've learned so much, sometimes the hard way, but all and all my confidence has shot up big time. Thank to you all, especially TINKER, you stuck with me even when I was ready to throw in that tower.

Although the car now runs and functions but it is really rough, oscillating, and especially a pronounced ticking, or tapping of the valves? I really concern about this loud ticking noise.

For the rough idle and engine searches could be a various things like our famous OVP, Mass flow sensor, idle control valve, vacuum leak,.... Just to name a few. I can work on this later.

What concern me the most right now is the loud ticking and it seems to tick at all engine RPM. I was thinking may be TDC is off mechanically wise. The reason I said this because the chain sliped on me ( never rotate the crank without the tensioner in place) while I was trying to manually rotate the crank shaft. I then try to put the cam sprockets back to TDC in relative to the crank shaft by ways of aligning the sprockets bores opposite each other and measure the valve clearance. The valve clearance are in spec. But, I'm still skeptical about the cam sprockets bores opposite each other this method is too coarse, and easily exceeds the 4-5 degrees spec.

My bigest question to you is what other ways can I put the cam shafts back to truth TDC other than aligning the sprockets bores (holes) opposite each other.

Thank you for your time.
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