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Just an update..

Removed the compressor, and the good news is that it's at least as new as 1998.. There is a sticker on it with punch out dates that ranges from 98 to 02.. Nothing was punched out, and the compressor feels good and smooth..

I'm still waiting on my flush gun to arrive from ACKITS.COM..

With a little bit of agravation, I managed to remove the expansion valve, only to find out that it clearly says R-134a on it..

I guess at this point, I need to order the one for r-12..

I'm still a little confused as to why it didn't work a little better when we evacuated, and re-charged with 134a.. we put in what had to be close to the correct amount??? System calls for 2.9 lbs or r-12.. we put 2.45 lbs of 134a..

I haven't found a huge amount of oil in the system, and it doesn't appear very dirty inside at all.. Fact is, I'm not finding anything wrong, and that's starting to bother me..

One thing I do know is that it does look the original receiver dryer.. Could that make that much difference???

Larry, what would your best guess be at this point??? I know your guess is only as good as the info I've provided.. I can send you a waiver to sign Give me guidance...

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