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Hey gang,

Last week we sold my wife's 300D. She's been driving my 240. Today she e-mailed me at work and said the car was dead.

This morning there was a hard 'clunk' when she put it in reverse. It also 'clunked' and shook when shifting from 1st to 2nd. She did not drive far (1-2 miles), and said it was worse on the drive home. She also said there was a pink, 'milk-shake' looking puddle under the engine before she started home.

I had her check the fluid level and it is just below the top dot on the dip-stick and there is nothing in the driveway now. I had her drive to the end of the street and back. She said the car was shaking like the wheels were about to come off! I had her check the wheels... bearings are tight and lug bolts are secure.

Does anyone have any idea what I should expect when I get home? Suggestions? Where should I start looking? Transmission problem? Or Rear-end? I am at a total loss... maybe because I am not home with the car...

Thanks for any suggestions,

76 240D (W115) - 555K miles
78 300D (W123) - 200K+ miles -- SOLD
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