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The Interject site can be quite erratic ... it appears to be down at the moment. But here's another site about mapping K-jet engines. It's in England, and to quote:

" ...the K/KE-Jetronic system is a device which has no facility for fuel or timing alterations at specific engine speeds and loads.

"If you make any changes then you make them across the entire speed and load range. As any engine tuner will tell you, engines rarely need 'across the board' changes to produce optimum results. They need a fine balance of engine speed-related and load-related changes, and this applies whether the engine is carburettor controlled, electronically controlled or controlled by K and KE-Jetronic.

"K-Star gives you this 'fine tuning' capability."


"Many cars respond to fuel enriching at certain engine speeds and loads, and perform better as a result. For modified engines (with gasflowed cylinder heads and/or different camshafts) this selective enrichment is essential to eliminate the poor idling, bad starting and overlean high speed running which often results.

It is in this scenario where K-Star comes into its own, allowing a degree of 'fine tuning' not normally possible. Ignition timing changes at various rpm points can produce spectacular results in terms of engine output, and K-Star allows you to make these changes at 500rpm increments across the entire engine rpm range.

The result of these accumulated values across the rpm and load range makes the completed 'map' on which the engine will run, once it has been downloaded to a fitted K-Star unit.

The address is:

Comments from M-B techs?

Finally, there's a site from Neutronics, who offer a series of specialized controllers designed to convert open-loop Bosch (CIS) fuel injected vehicles to closed-loop feedback control vehicles.

This upgrade kit is particularly intended for the Mercedes Benz 280E, 1977-79, and 450E, 1976-79. Vehicle coverage also includes imported "gray market" cars, which "can regain considerable emissions performance efficiency through the installation of this product."


Again, comments from techs?

1977 W123 280E
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