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I should of stuck with the tried and true Castrol GTX. The only reason I didnt use syntec was because many people had said to me that it really isnt a pure synthetic and the Mobile one is.

Do you think I should dump it and refill with run of the mill GTX? I too have heard of not putting isyntetic t in cars with higher mileage. But I didnt think it would cause any harm in mine.

I am gonna continue to drive it for a nother few days or so and see what happens. I just dont understand why it would cause this? Decreased flow? Too thick? Ya got me. All I know is that I dont like it.

And just to clear up any misconceptions, my car calls for (as well as almost all gas models) 20-50 weight oil for over 32 degrees F.

Thanks for all the responses.

Im sposed to be taking a 800 mile trip tomorrow. Think it will be alright ?

93 300D 2.5 Turbo, Black/Palomino 273K
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