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Unhappy high CO emissions from 1995 E420

Here in British Columbia, Canada, we are required to have an AirCare emissions test every two years in order to renew our car insurance. I just had mine done, and here are the results...note the results for the CO emissions:

hydrocarbons (HC)
average passing reading: 0.4469g/km
vehicle reading: 0.0549g/km
maximum allowable: 0.5

carbon monoxide (CO)
average passing reading: 2.4783g/km
vehicle reading: 6.4915g/km
maximum allowable: 9.32g/km

oxides of nitrogen (NOx)
average passing reading: 0.2755g/km
vehicle reading: 0.0897g/km
maxiumum allowable: 1.24g/km

This is what is written on the results sheet:

"Results more than 25% above the average, but still below the maximum allowable, indicate that a problem is developing or that key emission controls are degrading to the point where a failing result may occur in the future."

Where do you believe the high CO reading is resulting from? When I took the car in for testing, I had driven it hard on the highway for a two hour trip down to Bellingham in the summer hour each way...could this have contributed to the poor CO results, or do you guys believe something is actually more seriously wrong? Thank you for any insight...
1995 black pearl/black Mercedes-Benz E420 :
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