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Thanks for taking time to reply. I know the A/C was converted from R12 two years ago. No other maintenance records known re: valves, so I must assume not done at this point. Wonder what a valve job would run me if likely due in near future? I had the car inspected at a dealership to learn what's noted. When first tried A/C (idling in driveway), we couldn't even get blower to work. When later test driving, the blower worked fine, but only got hot air - never cool. Car hadn't been driven at all for several months though, so this might be a clue. Am told A/C could just be a matter of recharging and fixing possible leaks (on lower end), or could be need for new compressor (on higher end). Am also told button to engage blower might have short, but that wouldn't be a huge deal necessarily. If $1000 is indeed worse-cas scenario for A/C overall (?), then I'm probably OK with that picture if can negotiate into price... or at least it seemed to be a subject less daunting than a report stating that more serious functionality was in question, you know? Unfortunately, I'm not a technical sort, so I'm at disadvantage going in.
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