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Hi All;

I've been trying to troubleshoot a troubling "clank" that happens in the driver's side steering of my w118 when I turn the wheel. When I opened the hood, I instantly noticed a broken washer/spacer type item sticking out. It looks like it's a spacer that goes between the engine bracket and the motor mount.

I was able to pull it out easily (though I can see that getting a new one in is going to be a different problem). For reference, here's a pic showing it removed. The cutaway shows the hole where the companion bolt usually goes.

I took the part down to the local MB dealer and he couldn't find a # on it. The diagram shows some sort of washer there, but it's described as a "spring washer" instead of a stepped spacer, as shown in the pic.

Does anyone know what this piece is called, or where I might find one? I'm in an area where MB's aren't very popular, so I don't think I'll have much luck at the wrecking yards.

Many thanks!


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