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Thumbs up Rebuild your old in-op seat switch !!

As to the current satus of my cash flow I decided to take a look inside the passenger side seat switch on my 1990 300E rather than immediately forking over the 85$ for a new one just so the back will recline and come back up again.

I searched the forum just before doing so and almost everyone suggested that it was in fact the seat switch that was bad and not any of the motors and that upon replacement everything would go back to work.

Rather than spend my hard earned cash on a new one I decided to take a look and see what makes this thing tic. So I pulled the switch and took it to my shop bench, I popped the top off and inside I found a lot of little parts that can be a bit discouraging at first glance but seem to make sense after a few minutes. It's loaded with ball bearings and springs. I removed all of which and cleaned them thoroughly with electrical contact cleaner. The ball bearings roll back and forth a long a brass strip that complete a circuit when the switch is moved forward or back. I cleaned the contact ends with my pocket knife scrapping off all of the old burned looking contact points. I soaked the springs and ball bearings in the contact cleaner. I then carefully put it all back together, it can be a bit tough balancing the ball bearings on the springs while trying to snap the plastic top back on. Once the plastic top was in place I decided to give the old girl a try! Once completely back together and in the car I found that the rear lifting part of the seat bottom now works! and has never worked since I bought the car! I was so excited I was forced to post the results here.

Hopefully this will help someone in the near future save a few extra bucks.

I should have taken pictures!

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