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I have noticed my 190 that used to handle pretty good feeling a little "nervous" at high speeds 65-75 mph on highway on-off ramps. Everything feels tight in the front end , ball joints,idler arm,tie rods except for the drag link. I've rplaced the drag link about 50,000 miles ago and feels exactly like when I installed it. I moves back and forth sort of loosely,not stiff like the tie rod ends. The car never felt 100% right. I had an alignment and new tires put on, but I feel the shop that did the alignment doesn't have a clue about Mercedes Benz alignments. The said the front suspension was ok but I suspect maybe I was sold a new drag link that wasn't upto snuff. Shouldn't it be as stiff as the tie rod ends?
Thanks for your help, I didn't buy the drag link from Mercedes Shop but all the other parts that I have purchased from Mercedes shop were of excellent quality.
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