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hesitant starter W126

Hi everybody,

This is for a 1987 420 SEL with about 49 kmls on it.
I am somewhat paranoid about the starting of the car, as I paid already for a new starter and a new ringgear right after I bought the car a year ago (bought car from a car dealer in “as is”condition).
Here is how it starts:
1. After having stood for 3 weeks, it started beautifully within half a second rarabrrmm.
2. After standing overnight, the starter will turn over the engine with the normal starter noise (rarara), then the pitch of the noise will increase (yin) as if a cylinder has fired and the engine is running faster than the starter turns it. However, if I let go of the key at that moment, it will not start. I have to hold the key a little longer (through yinyinyin) and it will then start.
3. If engine is warm and I start a few seconds after having turned the engine off, it will start on first starter turn.
4. After a half hour stand it will start quite readily on second starter turn.
5. After a 4 hour stand I get the yinyinyinyin for probably 2 seconds sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter. As if the cylinders are hesitant to go to work.

It normaly starts on the first try, but the yinyinyin is the thing that gets on my nerves.

I have a little Miata and it starts rarabrrmmm, my Ford starts rararabrrmmm.

The car has new fuel pumps and accumulator (replaced in 11/02) as well as new rotor, distributor, plugs and wires (replaced about 2 months ago to fix a slight uneven idle, which it did). It idles at 500 rpm in D and 700 rpm in N or P just as specs. indicate. It drives fine once started it doesn’t stall.

I would like to get this V8 to start with “conviction” after one or two starter turns. I wonder where that yin comes from (is it the starter?) and fear it might damage the ring gear or the starter.

Any ideas what could cause this behavior and what to do about it?

Thank you very much.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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