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Mr. Bill,

I was quoted slightly over $1,600 by a very good independent one man shop. Someone I trust. However, I expect there would have been an adder once he found the corrosion in combustion chamber problem. Probably another $200 or so.

I took the head to the right machine shop. He was able to weld it up and save the head. He also did all new guides and the whole deal. The bill from him was about $550. The gasket set was about $70. I had to buy a pin puller for $70 and a head bolt socket for about $19. Then it involved a case of cheap oil and three cheap oil filters for flushing out the crankcase, that was about $20. And then there was anti-freeze for a few bucks.

This makes the total around $750 or so.


For me the money savings is not all of it. I would rather do these things myself. Since I am very buisy, it would have probably saved me about $35,000 had I just taken the car to the shop immediately and had the work done. It took me so long to get everything together and in the meantime, every other car on the place was breaking except my wife's new 4Runner. Had I taken it to the shop, I probably would have gotten it back and been off my feet before my wife could talk me into buying a new car.

Before all this car breakdown nightmare that started a few months ago, I was driving my 240D every day, using the 124 for fun backup. I then shifted to the 124 when something minor (I don't even remember what it was) happened to the 240D. Then the head on the 124 gave up, and I hurriedly got my old POS '88 Vette on the road. I nursed the Vette until I went on a trip to Europe for three weeks. I had gotten the 240D on the road by then, and let my son drive it while I was gone. I then bought the C240 after getting back from Europe, and crossed my fingers while driving the Vette 'til the C240 got in (a week and a half).

Since then, I had to declare the 240D interim engine dead. Now that I have the 124 back on the road, I will be driving it and the C240. I feel that this was a blip with the 124 car, it has always been stone reliable. At the time it failed, it was the only thing I had running and was not worried. I could not believe that it was giving up too. I suppose, all's well that end's well.

Thanks for all the responses,

Larry Bible
'01 C Class, Six Speed
'84 Euro 240D, manual, 533K miles
'88 300E 5 Speed
'81 300D Daughter's Car
Over 800,000 miles in
Mercedes automobiles
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