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What A Great Car

to reiterate, what a great car.

i don't drive old blue[a 248,000 mile 560sel that i bought new in 1986] every day, but i always keep it ready to drive it hard and fast at a moment's notice. these days, i use it when i have to drive into houston from willis, tx in heavy rain, thunderstorming weather.

today was such a day.

what a driving pleasure in adverse conditions. the transmission of road feel through the steering gear makes driving on wet roads at speed almost a pleasure. the degree of adhesion to the road becomes tactile.

all i can say is that no other vehicle out there seems to be able to keep up under those conditions.

i don't know what the new ones are like in those circumstances, but i have gone by them traveling at under the speed limit. so my appraisal is that they are not as surefooted at speed in the wet as the w126.

once again, what great cars were the 126's.
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