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See above for explaination.

This is rare but, on occasion the 117 heads will get guide walk. This will cause a miss and a few other odd driveabilty problems. However, most of them will skip a bit at idle. Reading the posts in the linked thread it seems it needs a battery and the main ground on the lower l/h side of the bellhousing might be off or loose.

There are also 8 o-rings sealing the halfs on the intake together, these will do strange things as well but, normally this is accompanied by a skip at ilde. Secondary ignition (ie, cracked insulators on plugs) can cause a momentary skip right on the start of engine load. Misrouted vacum lines causing the egr valve to open off idle could do it as well as a bad injector, injector seal, misadjusted co, hell, even a bad motor mount could cause the illusion of a skip. (after 117s are smooth but not that smooth) You could have a cam a tooth off (this would be a bit of a bigger problem), sticking "compensating element" (lifter), worn cam lobe, out of range coolant temp sensor, sticking air flow meter plate and so on.

The smartest thing to do would be find someone who is well versed in CIS-E drivabilty and show them exactly what its doing, then go from there. These problems can be a real bear to locate but, are generally pretty simple to fix once they are found.

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