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Originally posted by EADG
My 91 300E had a bad vibration too. Waiting at stop lights I thought I might be shaked right out the window... A couple hours combing throught the archives lead me to zero in on the motor mounts. I order them from FastLane and replaced them myself - a fairly simple procedure which has been covered in many threads. Replacing the motor mounts was the best bang for the buck repair I've done so far on my car. The diffrence with new mounts was amazing, so much so I had to drive around for the next couple days with the stero off to make sure the engine was in fact running... smoooth.

Cheers for now
91 300E
You're not kidding! Same here!

The passenger side engine mount of my car raised up the same height. The mount rubber was worn from its metal. I had both changed.
The engine idle was transmitted through the car and made the idle much worse than it actually was When on the go it was reduced to a vibration almost like a hum except you could feel it.
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