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Ok, just got back from having it installed and having the mercedes coolant installed with 50/50 mixture.

Car still appears to run hot. Today was 69F and I was in the drive through line with the A/C off. The needle was a hair above the 100F line (so maybe 105F ?). I turned the AC on and it started to climb, so I turned it off.

I am frustrated why the car wants to just run so hot all of a sudden. When I turn the car off, the fan stops spinning immediately, so at least I know that part has been corrected, but spending the $$ didn't fix my problem. I've spent hundreds of dollars now on this pain in the ass problem and I don't know what else is left to do. New coolant for the 2nd time, new clutch, 2 new thermostats, verified both high and low fans work, relatively new upper radiator hose, verified radiator get's burning hot, etc. etc.

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