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Common sense tells me the following

As with any car, there are lots of parts under the hood and throughout the whole car. The smoother you treat the car and the less you make it "sprint" etcetc, the longer it'll take before problem A, B, C, etc etc show up. Yea mercedes makes good cars, I duno bout the 2000 and up models, but anyways, so they are good cars, but doesn't your common sense tell you that any car you want to last long shouldn't be punched and driven very aggresively even if all maintenance and proper **** is done?

chuck chuck duck

Originally posted by pentoman
Unlike many cars, I think with a lot of Mercedes, though mainly the older ones, if given the expected regular maintenance you can drive them pretty much how you want to.

That means, hard off the line, flat out for long durations, etc etc. These cars, if any, were designed just for that. The only rule I stick to in my 17 year old car is to wait about 10 minutes (until the engine is warm) before using full throttle or high revs. I think the rules are the same for most of us.

Just keep an eye on things and stick to the service schedule. If you're gonna run it for years and years and years then more regular oil changes are always nice. Learn to change it yourself - you'll enjoy the 'hands on'.

enjoy it, remember that you own it not vice versa.
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