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Question 1989 Mercedes 260E

I am working on a 1989 Mercedes 260E with a 159 ci engine. It will not start. I confirmed no power getting to the fuel pumps. I ran a 12 volt wire to the pumps and it started just fine. So my next quest was to locate the fuel pump reley. I believe I have found it next to the battery. I would like to either test the reley or jump across the fuel pump connections at the reley to make sure it is in fact bad before I purchase a new one for the customer. They are quite expensive and I don't like just throwing parts at something unless I know for sure it is bad. My problem is I do not have access to any wire diagrams so does anyone know which wires at the reley control the fuel pumps or is there a test connector somewhere that you can jump across to bypass the reley? Thank you for your time
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