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I have a '91 300E that is about as close to new condition as possible. I've just returned from a 4K trip driving long grades in 100+ heat. The car never missed a beat and used just slightly more than a quart of Mobil 1 15W-50 on the trip. I wish the car had more torque, a better HVAC system and different styling forward of the A Pillar. Other than that, I wished it handled like the last BMW 3-Series I owned.

I"ve been looking for a new car for months and simply cannot find anything that is significantly better than the 300E, not to mention that would justify spending 10's of thousands of dollars for.

The only car that really excites me is the BMW 5 Series but after doing some serious investigating, I've concluded that BMW's are no more reliable now than they were when I owned them in the past.

The LS-430 can be had for about the cost of a new E320 but they are too darned big and unexciting.

Mercedes quality may have fallen off but so have Lexus and other makes. I may simply keep on driving the 300E and pick up something like a RAV-4 as a daily driver.
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