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Well, I have looked at the car alittle more and have done a few of my own tests. I have unplugged the cold start valve overnight, when I went to start the car in the morning it was much harder to start but ran the same as before. When I was doing this, I noticed there was a line missing that goes to the breather hose that hooks to the top of the air filter assembly (Im not sure where it goes to though). I have also looked at the air/fuel mixture adjustment which I couldnt access because it was pushed all the way down and it looked as if someone had stuck a screwdriver in the groove trying to get it out. I am pretty sure the engine is almost drowning itself in fuel because I am getting real poor gas mileage (about 10mpg on highway driving). Is it possible the mechanic may have put the fuel distributor on wrong? I am also pretty sure it is not an ignition problem because when I was initially trying to get the car running, leaking fuel into the intake would make the car run normal.

1986 300E
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