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Geee, that wouldn't be the Solex 4A1 carb, would it? That blasted piece of #$%# has caused me more grey hairs... I've cussed at it, fiddled with it, messed with it, tinkered with it, adjusted it nine ways to think the damned thing would stay running?? Hell no.
I can't even find a mid seventies 4bbl GM carb that I might be able to jury rig to the blasted thing. Oh sure I could send it across the state and have it rebuilt for $500, and I'm sure it would look pretty, and may even work, but it's not like I have $500 to throw around on something like that. (BTW, when it does run, the DOHC 6 sounds sweet!)
--Thanks for listening...grant me this vent, its my birthday.
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