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Angry 126 Front bumper chrome removal

Last evening I stopped in a local shopping center to pick up a prescription and when I returned to my car I noticed someone decided to give the front bumper on my 560 SEL a love tap. Needless to say I was sick, since prior to this the car was perfect in all aspects (15,500 miles) and had installed a new Avant Garde grille only 2 weeks ago.

It looks as though the other car rode up over the bumper, bent 2 of the horizontal grill bars and the vertical bar. In addition there are 3 scratches on the front bumper chrome. I can repair the grill fairly easily but I have a question on the bumper chrome removal. I have looked at previous posts and cannot seem to find a complete explanation on the removal and replacement of both the bumper and the chrome. Can somebody please give me some help?


Lou K
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