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Horrible rattling/clanking noise when auto tranny first starts up.

Any ideas? I had my old tranny replaced with another old tranny (don't laugh) because I was in kind of in an emergency situation and I thought it was an okay deal. Basically my old tranny's B2 front clutch pack went out on I5 in California near Bakersfield. That's 350 miles away from home for me! I had to drive backwards for about an hour to get to the closest town! The guy who put in the used tranny wasn't an MB experienced mechanic and I noticed that the vacuum modulator is way off as there are hard shifts, jolts, etc. I'm not so concerned about that as I heard it extends the life of the transmission (is that even true? I don't know why it would.)

Anyways, what does concern me is the tumbling/clanking noise I hear whenever the tranny first starts up or sometimes when I'm either slowing down to a stop or coming away from a stop. Sometimes it's a really horrible noise! Sounds like a waste disposal crushing up metal. I hope that's not what it really is.... Whenever I press down on the gas pedal, I can hear a metal clank as well. I only mention this because it might be related. This clanking noise, I suspect, might just be the metal piece the accelerator cable pulls on.

Any ideas? I still have the old tranny at my house.
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