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I have been through this several times over the years, weather cools off a little, the diesel won't start.

This one is pin type glow plugs, and I've always been able to fix them by screwing in a complete new set of glow plugs. It didn't work this time.

Back when I was having other problems, about 5,000 miles ago or less, I checked the compression. It was 300 pounds within about 5% on all five.

It is trying to hit on a cylinder or two, but won't start. I checked the voltage at all five plugs, it was about 9.75 to 10.5 volts at each one. The relay leaves them on for awhile then turns them off, seemingly normally.

I have not checked the fuel system in detail, but I can tell by the smell and the smoke that there is fuel going in the cylinders.

Any ideas? I'm on new ground here, because I've always been able to screw in new plugs, and as long as they're getting voltage, the dude will start. The exception, of course, is the old 240D with the worn out interim engine. It won't make enough compression to start. I understand what gives with that one. This one has me a bit stumped.

I have not checked the vacuum to the diaphragm on the pump yet. Since it takes vacuum to kill it, I assume that I can remove the vac line to determine if this is the problem, which I doubt that it is.

Thanks for any help that anyone may be able to offer. I will be able to get back to it tomorrow night. If I don't get any other suggestions, I may do another compression check.

Thanks in advance,

Larry Bible
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