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'86 300E - rough idle - help!

My '86 300E has 160k miles on it. After sitting unused for a couple of years, I started driving it again about one year ago and have had serious, ongoing driveability problems. I have replaced - or have had replaced - the following parts, but still have a minor idle problem and more recently difficulty restarting after it's warmed up (and a strong gas smell when it does start):

- Fuel pump (new Bosch), fuel filter, and pressure regulator
- Injectors incl. plastic sleeves, fuel distributor, and rotary idle actuator
- EHA valve, overload relay

All the obvious things like plugs, wires, rotor, cap, etc. are new or close to it. All vacuum leaks have been fixed.

Cylinder head was completely rebuilt at 145k; compression is +/-175psi in all cylinders; oil consumption is minimal; mileage is consistently 22mpg. Aside from the problems mentioned above, it runs great (after replacing all those parts).

I'm far from a skilled mechanic, particularly at diagnosis, but I have figured out how to replace lots of parts.

The dealer I took the car to, MB of Princeton, was beyond useless.

Any suggestions on what I should try next?


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