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Re: 300E bent valve new heads what to do???

The only way I know of that a machine shop's work could cause a bent valve would be if the valve stem to guide clearance was too tight and the valve opened and stayed open. That seems unlikely.

As far as the gaskets; head gaskets definitely cannot be reused! There is a certain level of "crush" the gasket does when torqued and it won't do it twice. The only exception to this are solid copper head gaskets used in race engines.

I might reuse the exhaust gaskets. I don't think I'd reuse the intake gaskets, especially if there is a coolant passage in them.

How did you determine this machine shop was a good one?
You know, there is a possibilty that the "problems" this garage was having with their old machine shop was not the machine shop at all, but this same sort of situation.
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